Can I save/share photos straight from the website?

Images in this section are watermarked previews and not to be saved, screenshotted or reposted. If you would like to buy an edited image, you can do this through the 'purchase' page (details below).

How can I purchase an image?

1. Take a note of the file name of your chosen image (this will be written as 'Cascade Showcase', followed by a number)

2. Click to go through to the 'purchase' tab.

3. Fill in the form and complete payment.

4. Your edited image will be emailed to you within 72 business hours.


1. Click to go through to the 'purchase' tab.

2. Fill in the form, including the name of the routine, and complete payment.

3. Your video will be emailed to you within seven working days.

How can I purchase a DVD?

1. Click to go through to the 'purchase' tab.

2. Fill in the form and complete payment.

3. DVDs will be dispatched through Cascade within a month (approximately).


There were originally approximately over eight thousand images from this weekend to sort through - I have done my best to only keep the very best of these and to maintain images grouped and approximately in order. However, there is always room for human error! My first suggestion would be to check all folders, in case an image or set of images has been moved into another show group by mistake. Also, when routines have been repeated between shows, i.e. Red Balloon, the images may be spread between different folders. If you can't see your child in Saturday Eve, for example, then they might be featured in Sunday Mat. If you've still no luck, drop me an email via the contact section of the website with more details and I will have a look into it for you ASAP.

I would like an individual booking/Do you currently have any other discounts on offer?

Cascade students and parents can also use the exclusive discount code 'CASCADE' for 20% off any individual headshot, dance or portfolio bookings. Happy browsing!